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How are people caught peeing in public?
I read in the newspaper that there are people who are caught and charged with "public urination."

I was just wondering, how are these people caught with peeing in public? Are they peeing in public when cops are around, or are they blatantly peeing on the store's floor and getting reported or what?

How exactly are they caught peeing in public?
i live in chicago
where the white sox play, playing are drinking lots of beer then walking in the neighborhood and just peeing on peoples lawns.the home owners notice this and contact policeā™„
How can i become less shy about peeing in public?
Even when I absolutely need to go, if I have to pee in public, its like my penis shuts off.. either my pee trickles down very very slowly.. or i just cant pee at all. The same goes for when im at a friends house. If i go to use the restroom and they are outside the door.. it makes it very difficult to pee..I get self conscious about how my peeing "sounds." Is this normal? And if its not, how can i fix it?
Physically, its normal. Its the mental part that making it hard for you to pee in public places.. I used to have this problem when I was younger and I also had to find unoccupied stalls even if I really had to go. The thing is there's really nothing to be conscious about when peeing in public places. That's what I did, its like I don't care about the people around me. Its pretty hard to relax if you keep on thinking about the others, so I suggest that be carefree when going into public comfort rooms.
How do women feel about men peeing in public?
I'm pretty sure just about every guy, including myself has had to use the bathroom out in nature. The other day i had to go on a tree and as I started suddenly a woman passed by, I felt kind of embarrassed. How do you women feel when they witness a guy taking a leak in public?
I really don't care.
It's not like I'M the one peeing outside. I tend to not let the petty things other people do which doesn't concern me, bother me.

If you have to go, you have to go! Simple. My friend has pee'd outside, she's pee'd in bins and buckets. At some point everyone has done it, whether you were 3 at the time, or 30.
Whats the big deal with peeing in public?
So i like to pee in public? Who doesn't? Why does the fuzz have come by and give me a ticket? I mean i was just peeing! Its not like i was selling weed out of my junk or anything!
I can see 50 grannies peeing on your lawn right now... and they are all smiling at you with their teeth out!

It's not just you... we live here too.
My husband is having problems peeing in public and experiencing weak orgasms.?
My husband is 28 and healthy. Lately he's noticed that he can't urinate in public bathrooms if there is anyone else around. Secondly, he's noticed for the past year his ejaculation has weakened and doesn't have the same pressure he's used to having. I'm wondering if it's a physical thing or a mental thing. The only thing that's changed this past year is less sex due to having two guyren within two years time and the stresses of work. We probably have sex only twice a week. What can be the problem?
All signs point to stress. However many people won't admit to being stressed, so encourage him to get an exam and rule out physical factors.
What is my crime for peeing in public in Arkansas?
I was recently caught by a bike cop for peeing behind a dumpster far away from any people, i could not go anywhere else since the line for the bars where way to long, i was wondering what is my punishment going t be. I already have a court date i have to attend, so just wondering what should i plea and whats going to happen to me.
A small fine and a lifetime of being known as 'the guy who got popped for pissing in public.'
Do guys feel embraressed when they stand next to one another, peeing in public toilet?
I mean urinals in public toilet

why /why not?
No i have no problem whipping out my tool and peeing. there are dividers un between each urnal but there are the pee trough one big sink we all pee in and still i pull out my tool and go if you have to go you go. I have had dudes sneek a peek at my tool my rule is you can look but no touch

Can a police officer give you a ticket for your 3 year old peeing in public?
The police gave my boyfriend a ticket for my nephew that is 3 years old peeing in public is that legally allowed? My boyfriend did correct my nephew but the cop drove by and seen it and my boyfriend got a ticket for indecent exposure!

It's against the law to urinate in public, just like it's against the law to shop-lift, even if you're three.
Granted lots of folks let their guys pee in public, and nothing is said about it. But all it takes is one person to be offended and get the cops involved, then it's up to the cop to either write a ticket, or tell you nicely that public urination is against the law, no matter how old you are. It's unfortunate for your boyfriend, and I'm sorry he got fined, but I guess you'll know the next time you see it, that it is against the law, and you can press charges.
How much does a Peeing in public ticket cost in Arizona?
Well i came from a club on saturday (3:30 in the morning) So nothing was open. I asked the Border Police if i can borrow their restroom, They said no. So i went to the bathroom In the back of a building there. I didnt know they had cameras so aminute later they all came outside and teased me and gave me a ticket for that.
Around $200 unless the judge has it in for you. So be nice to the judge.
What is the charge for peeing in public?
if the police don't want to consider it a sex crime?
Public Indecency

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