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Does anyone know the largest breast size recorded of a teenger?
My sis is only 13 and has a very large breast size, they are a huge burden to her and i was just wondering if anyone actually knew if there are any records for the largest breasts of her age ? please help :)
ps hers are 30HH
That's probably it or close to it.

Have your parents thought of getting her a breast reduction?

Most PS's won't do a reduction on someone so young BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS. I know those her age who have gotten a reduction done.

She should talk to a doctor, it can be covered by insurance no problem, especially with HH's!!!

Have her and your mom check out these sites:

FYI, losing weight MAY NOT HELP.

Breasts are NOT ALL FAT, they are also made up of very dense breast tissue.

For one thing, working out with HH's are a pain in the butt (rather, the chest/back). Also if she has more dense breast tissue and not a lot of fatty tissue she WILL NOT lose in the breast (been there tried that, had to get a reduction). If the breasts are more fatty, she MAY lose in the breast, it really depends on if she is overweight or not. If she is slim, I would not recommend trying to lose by working out and would rather get a breast reduction.
Which centerfold in playboy history has the largest breast?
Which centerfold in playboy history has the largest breast?
Rosemarie Hillcrest, Miss October 1964, whose measurements were 41"-25"-38" Cup size F. Breasts Natural
What woman in the world has the largest breast in the word?
What woman has the largest natural breast in the world?
Annie Hawkins -Turner
Which Asians have the largest breast?
I've lived in several places in Asia, and I am just curious what everyone thinks or knows about which country's women have the largest breast and curvy bodies. Right know I am thinking Indonesians. I am spanish, but living in Asia, I think the girls here may have the latina's beat. tell me what you think?'s gotta be latinas.
What is the largest attractive breast size?
Or are all sizes nice. What if they are from breast enhancement?
a hand full anything more is a waste. i have 36 dd and mine are great they are perky and i never wear a bra most think mine are wonderful and girls envy me
Do anyone of you know what is the size of the largest breast in the world ?
Natural and After surgery

(send me the url to the picture )
ava devine
Which country in the world has the women with the largest average breast size?
I think it may well be the good ol' USA! I would however value your considered opinion on the matter as I am studying for a masters in social anthropology and am exploring ideas for my thesis. Diet is clearly a factor here, and I am linking nutrition and genetic history to form a working hypothesis, but I will need more hard data.
I find much interest in your question and expect anxiously the answers - Will I go there by plane - I'll see

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