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Do wives like hairy chests on their husbands?
my wife after all these years thinks i should shave my chest. and being og middle eastern descent, its like a rain forest on my chest, literally. she has not said anything about it ever since we got married like 8 yrs ago and now she is questioning it. Do women normally like their husbands to be clean shaven on the chest or not?
thanks community.
I have been married to both, my first husband just naturally didn't grow much hair there.that was fine and nice when giving massages. hands glided right over the smooth skin and was pleasurable.

He passed away in 2006. Now I married my second husband, he is an italian descent. . he is a hairy as a bear!!! lol It too has its pleasures, the hair is soft and thick and its nice to lay my head on his chest and cuddle in the softness with my arms around him.

If a woman loves you she will accept you for who you are and what you are and the amount of hair you have don't matter. That is not what makes a man. She should be more focused on you as a leader who values her partnership, a lover, and a provider, a good husband and father if the father part is applicable
How one can recognize "a muslim and a sikh" with their turbans and their hairy faces?
most of the time they dress the same .but some time some pakistanis dress same as their wives and the difference is only the husbands are with the hairy faces and wives are covered heads. will you please answer if you know and make us aware of this situation. thanks.
to me ..if i have this situation i wish them as the sikhs are wishing"satsriakaal" if they do not answer then some time i wish them like muslims do "aslaamaalekum" and some time i do not bother and feel very bad by thinking that what kind of people they are ?because they do not bother to answer the way sikhs are doing .sikhs are always answering the way you wish them slaamaalekum or satsriakaal. never bother them. but muslims always look at you with a bad way. sorry . yes ....pakistan,s national dress is "shalwaar kamiz and both male and female can use them,,but i really do not know if they can exchange each others. ".some time you can recognize the muslims because they shave their mustache and keep the Beard and sikhs are keeping both. well ...i must give you the idea that will keep you aware of all the problems . and that is leave them alone and mind your own Business. thanks.
My wife is hairy and grows hair out of her areolas. Is it mean to tell her to take care of it?
I love her for who she is, but it really bothers me, she doesn't seem to want to take care of it, but I think its kind of gross. Not sure any women would want this and would certainly take care of it for their man. What do you think?
Bro, just tell her...

I mean, c'mon, part of marriage is having the communication thing. I advise you to tell her so that she can take care of that for you and your personal preference. Just remember to take heed of any of her comment or suggestions when she says them to you. She should have every right to, as well.

But, yes, you are completely right. Tell her to pluck them bad boys outta there ASAP. There is just no reason for her to be sportin' them. I mean, it's not like it makes her look more appealing, unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing...which, of course, you wouldn't be asking us about it on Yahoo Answers!
How do I get my husband to shave or wax his butt, Its really hairy?
He won't let me help take care of it. Its like a fuzzy wolf spider. UGH! Men, Why do you want to be hairy? Its so nasty for us wives?
Bend him over and whip out the Foamy, good luck
Is a wife having a very hairy back & stomach like a cavewoman a turn off to a husband?
I have a very hairy back, stomach, chest, like a cavewoman. My husband says it is disgusting but i am to lazy to shave. Is it really that much of a turn off?

"Hairy like ANIMAL" - line from Austin Powers!

Tell your husband to twirl the hairs on your chest with his tongue... You'll love it!

Add: Who the hell gave me a thumbs down? dummys
What do women think of men with hairy backs?
In my family,all the men have very hairy backs and fronts.The wives don't seem to complain,or at least not to us men.Tried shaving, my arms are not long enough to reach all over,hot wax, very painful, not for the way I see it, if you don't like it, don't look.
Open to suggestions and comments.
If I loved you, it wouldn't matter that you were hairy. I'd love you no matter what. Hair and all! If you don't like the hair, especially in summer when more skin shows, a salon can take care of that discreetly.
Men, do you let your wife go hairy during the winter?
Do you let your wife stop shaving when it will only be you to see her legs (and of course more intimate areas) during the long pants season?
She can let her hair grow anywhere. She know's that even stubble on the legs is a turn off for me.
I am a straight married man but I enjoy getting in touch with my feminine side. Is this ok with wives?
When I shaved my hairy groin, chest and back, I loved the feeling of no hair. I felt this femininity and i liked it. I even put on my wife's satin robe and it just gave me a good feeling. Yes, I like women only sexually so don't start accusing me of bi or gay.

Is this normal for some and acceptable to wives?
There may be natural consequences down the road if you do this too often. However, it's not about basic sexual identity.

Many psychologists have addressed the concept of the “dual” nature of men and women. This means in each man there exists some feminine qualities and in each woman some masculine features. The ancient Taoists expressed this by the symbol of Yin-Yang. The masculine principle includes activity, decisiveness, direction, power, etc. The feminine side includes characteristics of nurturance, containment, patience, yielding, openness, etc.

It is believed that the lack of healthy role models of masculinity and femininity in our formative years leads to difficulty integrating these features inside ourselves. Civilization has devalued the feminine side for centuries and this adds to the difficulty. A man who is not comfortable with his feminine side will inevitably have difficulty relating to a woman on a deep, meaningful level. Men have difficulty acknowledging and accepting their feelings. Men also fear emotionality in women. Women need to understand this difficulty without taking it personally or blaming.

Once we embrace our duality, we evolve to a much more mature and well rounded person.
Is there any outfit more masculine than a wife beater that shows off your hairy chest?
I like to add a gold chain and pour on the Brut cologne, too. I reek of testosterone!
i think you are a male chavinist pig

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