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Do you think I will get banned from college baseball? (Girls feel free to answer too)?
I use steroids, I cork my bat, I put pine tar on the barrel of my bat, when I pitch I use vasoline and spit, and I have sex with the groupies in the locker room before the games. Is this all normal? Someone said I could get into trouble for this but I don't see anything wrong with it...
i dont think you've done enough. maybe if you gamble on a few games you may get banned.
Why do college girls get so much royal treatment?
Sometimes, college girls have it easy compared to us college guys.
Whenever they go to a party, they get free good quality hard liquor and booze, they get into any party no matter how classy for free, and can pretend to cry or act sad to get more things at any party such as better drinks or sometimes even drugs.

Geez, I wish us guys got all these things for free.
I am a TKE Alumni and you're 100% correct!
I personally gave girls more than dudes at ALL of our parties; closed and All U's, and.....I am proud to continue that tradition.

Women are just that....women.
They smell good, look good, sound good and make the parties the reason to go to the parties.

They are why I spend too much money on clothing and drive a car I don't really need.

Girls are the best!
Without girls...what would be the point???

Come on dude.....the good quality booze & drugs at any party (even after college) are there FOR GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!
What do college girls do for fun during their freetime?
Other than partying or studying.
I know that a lot of the guys including me just spend their time playing games on their computer, video games, board games and hanging out with people. Not sure what girls do with this free time
The same thing most girls do I'm guessing shop, exercise, talk, facebook, etc

Don't you have female friends you can ask?
How do college girls manage to look put together all the time?
I see these girls at school and I don't know how they manage to keep their arms hair free, their nails done, a cute outfit, makeup is perfect, legs are always shaved, they are doing well in school....??
How do they or YOU do it? I am usually in work out clothes and don't shave my legs THAT often b/c of ingrown hairs....It is so much work being a girl, you are supposed to look put together all the time. I can't afford all that! yeesh.
I'm in college and there are some days when I go to class still in my PJS ... lol. But there are other days when I'm well put together. I mean, I shave my legs everyday when I'm in the shower, so that's not really an issue for me. I don't get my nails professionally done, I just paint them and that takes not even 5 minutes. As for my outfit, when I actually take time to get ready, I plan my outfit the night before so I don't have to rush around the next day. And as for make up, I don't use a lot so that takes me 5 minutes to do.

You just gotta plan it all out :-) But I do agree, it's hard work being a girl, but you don't have to do all that stuff. Wear what you want, do what you want.
Should college's give free gym memberships to overweight students?
i think they should as i'm just tired of looking at all these average and over weight girls at my college or girls who just don't try and have potential for more .

so at some point i though of a potential solution , why not give them free gym memberships to the college gym and if they start to work out alot they will start to be healthier and look way more attractive . anyways what you think ?
just because someone is skinny doesn't mean that he/she is healthy.. they can just have a naturally fast metabolism. And my college's gym was open to everyone for free, i'm pretty sure most colleges are like that.
and anyway, just because someone appears overweight, doesn't mean that they are unhealthy or don't work out. If you don't like them, don't look. They probably don't find you attractive either.
Can I meet girls at college by trying to find ones who need help with math?
I have an idea for meeting girls at college. Do you think this will work?

I would stand outside a classroom during a math class (like algebra, trigonometry, calculus), and when it's dismissed, ask some cute girls on the way out if they need help with their assignments or studying. Then offer to go somewhere on campus, and I'll tutor her for free. Does this have any chance of success?
In my honest opinion I might find that kind of creepy. Do you take maths at college? If you do, chat to a girl in your class (either before class or as you sit down ask if the seat next to her is taken to break the ice), ask how she's finding it and if she is friendly, offer to study together sometime. That's less imposing for a girl than some random waiting outside the classroom and jumping on her as she leaves. And after class they'll probably be chatting in groups with friends which is more daunting for you too.
Good luck :)
Can a active duty wife go to college for free?
My husband is in the Marine Corps and we are stationed at Camp Lejeune. He will be in for at least 4 more years and we have two little girls. I would love to go to college or at least take some online classes. Would the military pay for anything if i went? Thanks for the info!
the SM cannot transfer part of his GI Bill to you unless he has served or committed to TEN years of service. your max is up to 18 months of his entitlement and you are NOT entitled to the BAH payment.. Tuition only, no books or fees are covered. there is also MyCAA that you can apply for.

otherwise: gets scholarships grants and loans like everybody else.
Why do all the pretty girls in every high school and College have such acne-free skin? What is the secret!?
I have seen year after year at my high school and in all the magazines and movies. These girls have flawless skin! I know that I don't have the best skin. But I try everything! Neutrogena skin products, Clean and Clear. . .you name it! I've tried it! I also have gone to a skin doctor and gotten some super expensive acne medications. NOTHING works! I wash my face in the shower everyday, I don't think I'm stressed.
I'm getting married soon and I want to be acne-free for my wedding!
Don't tell me that Make-up helps, tried it. I just hate the feel of gobs of make-up on my skin! PLEASE! HELP! If you know a good way please tell me!!
I'm in high school!
What I do is I make my own at home scrub. I take some baking soda, salt, and warm water. Mix it up then smooth it over your face. (If the acne is bad, I wouldn't rub it in because it could make it worse.) Leave it on for about 3 minutes then rinse it off with hot water. Then I take the Ivory body soap bar and build it up to a lather and put that on my face. I don't leave it on for that long. I'm always rushed in the morning so I just put some on and right after I wash it off with cold water.
I suggest trying it a couple times because it really clears the pores.
Good luck!
Do Asian Massage parlor managers not let the Chinese girls study English even though there is free ESL?
Theres free ESL at comunity colleges etc. But i'm surprised most of the chinese girls in massage parlors have been here for a year and can only speak but alittle English.

Are these girls treated like slaves and not allowed to enjoy anything of America?
It's sad.
I guess they just want to make money and sometimes when people feel they can survive without learning English, they just go with that feeling.
Try chucking one of those Chinese girls into an area with not alot of Asian influence, they'll learn English fast to adapt.

Ugh.. why is there always the assumption there will be a 'happy ending' :'(
Is it true that americans can get free college?
i heard my friends aunt talkin about a girl who moved to canada and attended college for free. is this true? if so please more info
only the blacks, asians, and hispanics. the rest of us have to work for everything we have...

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