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Ever heard of baby feet excessively sweating, all other observations are fine?
I am a nurse, and my friends baby has often got sweating feet hes only a few months old and thriving All obs are fine and normal and normal pulses. I have never seen it before any ideas?
lMy guyren's feet use to sweat when they were baby's.The solution for me was to take their socks off when they were in the house.To this day my 22 year old son,13 yr old daughter,and 11 year old son,still have sweaty feet.My 19 year old daughter doesn't.
Does any know any good quotes for baby feet?
I'm looking for quotes for a picture of baby feet. Does anyone know of any cute ones?
Hi ,

There's really nothing quite so sweet as tiny little baby feet .

My sweet adorable babies' feet .

Why are baby feet so neat ?

My little ones' dear little feet .

Still too pink and still so small , to do anything but crawl .

Little feet , so rich with charm.

Tell me , what is half so sweet , as a baby's tiny feet .

Pink and dainty as can be , like a coral from the sea .

Most of the above quotes are extracts from two poems :
-Baby Feet , by Croppin Carmen.
-Baby Feet , by Edgar Guest .

Thank you .
Does anybody know of a website where I can find images of people with baby feet tattoos?
I want to get a tattoo of baby feet but can't seem to find anything to get ideas from ~ maybe you guys can help

I kinda want some footprints but somehow I also want to to incorporate it to show it's a girl.

Any ideas would help
Here's a couple:………
Does anyone know of a brand of baby socks that stay on a babies Feet?
My baby is 4 mo. and I have never bought socks before, just use what was given as gifts etc. We live where it gets pretty cold and her little feet are cold even in sleepers sometimes. Any suggestions?
I had the same problem with my first. Then I found out what kind to look for. Look for the ones that fold down and have sort of a tight ribbing around it, those stay on the best. I think Carters make some like this and a couple of other brands too. The kind I use for my three girls is Hanes (I found them at Walmart), because they are color coded by size they are easier to match. Although I still find myself checking my newborn's feet once in a while to make sure her socks are still on, it's sort of a habit. No socks will stay on all of the time.
Is there any way to make old, dry, rough adult feet as soft & new as baby feet?
My two tiny guyren have such baby-perfect, soft, healthy little feet. I wish my feet could be like that again too! Is there any way to get soft feet again?
Soak them in womb juice for nine months? I don't know. I've found that lotion, then socks helps.
Why do some of my new hatched baby quail feet look twisted?
Why do some of my new hatched baby quail feet look twisted?
I have 5 and they are 2 days old today.

If by the term 'twisted', you mean they are curled up as opposed to flat when they walk about, then they have hatched with too little tendon in their feet. You get this problem with chickens and sometimes even exotic birds like African greys. It is correctable and quite easily done but you need to see a vet to confirm that the problem is due to the tendons, as sometimes a lack of active nutrients whilst in the egg, such as calcium, can also cause the problem in which case the feet have to be broken, and then reset into the correct position, and a mineral supplement given while the bones re-heal.

However, if the toes are simply facing the wrong way, such as the back toe pointing to the side, instead of directly backwards, then a small splint such as a spent match, applied and taped in place with a band aid and left for a couple of weeks, should solve the problem. You may however want to consider waiting a few weeks until the chicks are grown on a little more. That way the stress of the operation involved will have less effect on them.

The main method most breeders or farmers use with chickens which are of a breeding value, as opposed to a table bird, is to make a stencil out of thick card board. The stencil should be the same shape, only slightly larger, as the chick's foot. The foot should be placed onto the stencil, and taped down loosely, but firmly enough to prevent the stencil falling off. The toes should be taped down to the proper shape and left for approximately two weeks until the foot has reset and healed back into position. Then once the stencil is removed, the chick can wander about as normal.
If my baby's feet are facing outward like a penguin rather than inward, is he going to need corrective shoes?
My baby has had outward facing feet (like a penguin) since he was born. Now he's almost 12 weeks, and they haven't changed at all. I notice that most new babies have feet that face inward. Does this mean that he is going to need braces on his feet or corrective shoes?
This should subside and become worries. If you are so concerned that you are worring yourself sick about your lil ones Dr. for piece of mind!
How big are newborn baby feet?
I'm knitting some baby shoes for my new cousin and I don't know what size to make them.
Well, my little brother is 2 and his feet are like 4 1/2 '' long and
2 1/2'' wide. He has really wide feet though. So maybe, make them like 3'' by 2''.
When do you start putting shoes on your baby's feet?
I am a firm believer in the bare foot baby. with my oldest she wore socks and booties until she showed signs she was ready to start walking and then i bought her a pair of stride rite(sp?) shoes, what are your opinions on this?
I've HEARD that it is better for a baby's arch development if they are allowed to go barefoot/booties/socks because the infant shoes generally have a flat sole (where as the walking shoes have an arch support)

We used booties on our oldest until he was 11 months and started walking. The first pair of shoes I bought him were a size 5!! lol Then we only put shoes on him if he was going to be walking outside where it was wet and cold. Now he knows when we put his shoes on him he is going "bye-bye" and he races over and stands by the front door! lol :)
Getting tattoos dedicated to your newborn too popular? Baby feet, initials, dob, etc Baby Boy or Girl?
I only have one tattoo and it is a pretty unusual one. I am now 6 months pregnant and was thinking of getting a baby type tattoo done after my baby boy has been born. But as I browsed around the internet, it seems that it is becoming overly popular to get baby feet prints or initials or date of birth done dedicated to your new baby. Do you think that it is going to be a tacky and outdated tattoo before long?
If you're worried about it being tacky then go for something with a different angle... like find the meaning of your babys name, if its something like freedom get wings, love get a heart, justice get scales. Or you could just do what you want and not worry about trends, youre getting it for your guy really.

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